Puppy Biting -  Your Questions Answered
A Puppy Biting Problem
can be a major challenge.  

You bring home your little
bundle of joy and discover
that his or her only mission
is to rip your finger clean
off your hand....
This kind of behavior can indicate an early sign of aggression.  It's important to follow a Proper Puppy
Training Program to prevent potential problems as they become an adult dog.  
Signs You May Have A Puppy Biting Problem  

Aggressive puppy nipping isn't what I consider puppy biting -- to which we'll define here as more serious
puppy aggression. Nipping is more "play-biting" or a quick 'correction' one dog will give another (or you)
when that dog is either excited or wants to be left alone. Puppies do this because play is actually the
primary way they assert
dominance. And when your puppy nips you, he's testing to see how you react.

To their credit, most puppies give hints before they haul off and nip someone. During play, they'll get
progressively mouthier up until the point when they actually clamp down. More often, nips occur when
dogs are tired of playing. They'll show their reticence by pointedly looking away from whoever is trying to
engage them. Or nailed.

aggressive puppy will also nip when they don't like the way someone is playing, or the may display
aggressive Puppy Barking . For example, people have an inclination to pull dogs' ears or to roll them over
and pin them down when they're wrestling. Some puppies will put up with this all day, but others won't
stand for it. Puppies are smart enough to figure out that nipping is a quick and easy way to stop games
that aren't fun. And once they find a strategy that works, they stick with it.

Puppy Biting Problem - Stop This Early Sign Of Aggression Before It's to Late.....

Below are questions from puppy owners like yourself.  These conversations have been collected
from a popular
Dog Training Forum where a team of professional Dog Trainers offer their advice
and answer your personal questions.    

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