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A Biting Rat Terrier
can be a major

You bring home your little
bundle of joy and discover
that his or her only mission
is to rip your finger clean off
your hand....
This kind of behavior can indicate an early sign of aggression.  It's important to follow Proper Puppy
Training methods to prevent potential problems as they become an adult dog.  

"They have a 3 month old biting Rat Terrier"

Rebecca Writes:

I have a three month old Biting Rat Terrier. He is a fairly obedient pup. He knows Sit and Stay (although he
has the attention span of a cabbage). My one concern with him is that he seems to think that I am one of
his chew toys when we are playing. He nips and is very mouthy, which I understand is a puppy trait, but he
sometimes gets carried away and bites while we are playing. I once rescued a Rat Terrier from our local
animal shelter who had severe aggression and anxiety problems and was prone to biting. I guess my
biggest concern is that I don't want this pup, Zona, to have those sorts of problems. When we tell him, "No
Bite", he will stop, but then sometimes immediately repeat the behavior. I'd really appreciate any help with
this matter.

The World's Biggest Chew Toy

Richard Writes:

If you get a good reply and answer to this problem, I would like to hear it. I have a 15 mo old GSD with the
similar type problem. Ever since 7 weeks he has been a "mouther". He doesn't really bite but very mouthy.

Sometimes when you pet him he will grab your hand in his mouth or when you pet him on his flanks he will
spring around and mouth.

Tried "food" suggestions from Obed class instructors. Tried harsh corrections up and including "putting
him on his back" etc. No lasting impression on Baron!

Anybody have any suggestions? He has not "bit" per se and sometimes if we yell "OW" he will actually
start licking! So he is not mean just playing, I think!

Dog Training Advisor Responds:

You might find some helpful things in this thread (link here).

For a three-month old though, a firm scruffing might work. Start lightly and if needed, go to where you're
actually "biting" the neck with your hand and shaking him a little bit while telling him "No" in a calm, firm
voice. When you are firm, calm, motivational and consistent with both corrections and praise, you will find
the puppy will understand that other behaviors are more "comfortable" for him instead of the one you don't

By the way, as an update...the JRT terrier puppy no longer bites, but only with me. He will blatantly and
deliberately CHOMP on other people, but with me, he knows that licking is perfectly fine.

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