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A Biting German
Shepherd Puppy
can be
a major challenge.  

You bring home your little
bundle of joy and discover
that his or her only mission
is to rip your finger clean
off your hand....
This kind of behavior can indicate an early sign of aggression.  It's important to follow Proper Puppy
methods to prevent potential problems as they become an adult dog.  

"12 Week Old German Shepherd Puppy Barks And Goes On Biting Excitedly...

Elaine Marie Writes:

I have a 12 week old puppy German Shepherd. He is good, we've had him for
3 weeks now, but lately he is defiant. I use to obey to the "NO" when biting us
or furniture, now it doesn't work anymore, he just barks and goes on biting
excitedly. We try to calm him down, we even leave him, but he is frustrated. If I
have to YELP hard when he bites me, he still defies me and when I yell harder
then he just leaves frustrated and hides in his cage... What to do? His biting is
getting worse (it's mostly when he is excited and in play mode) but he listens
less and defies us by biting more and harder, with a small cynical bark!!! (not angry, just defiant bark) This is not
the first dog I've had. But I want to make sure I don't make him worse, but grow balanced.
Is there something to do?

Also he eats all the gravel he can get his teeth on, (we live in the country and we try to stop him) and don't know
how to stop him. "NO" just doesn't cut it anymore!!! He poops gravel and pukes gravel!!! By the handful! HELP!!!
Or am I too fussy?

Dog Training Advisor Responds:

Ah, the gravel is a problem, and can be dangerous if he is eating that much of it that he poops it out and throws it
up! Corrections when given to a pup must be meaningful, which yours are more then likely not.

Pups are like kids in that they find out about the world around them by putting things in their mouth! Not that all
these things are good for them, so you must step in and give the pup a scruff shake to give your correction more

Next is what type of chewing toys do you have for him?

I would almost bet that his teeth are hurting bad and he needs to be chewing on stuff to help with some of the pain!
When you give him these types of bones then do not just hand them off to him to go and chew but hold them for
him as this will be you keeping possession over the bones which should be just one more thing to help him view
you as a leader over him.

Elaine Marie Replies:

Thank you, well to tell you the truth, we've talked to 2 vets and a behaviour pro, about him wanting to eat all, and
the gravel, all of them laughed and told us it was normal, but never said anything. FOr my part, when I go out with
him I don't let him do it, but since all 3 pros said it was normal, my husband when he was out with Ulysse, let him
eat gravel!!! Now we saw the consequences. I asked my hubby to please keep him from eating gravel (for a man
it is boring to have to watch a pup all the time) because he could really injure himself with the stones going through
his system.

As for the scolding, we are firm, big scruff on the neck and a loud NO now, but he defies us, which he didn't
before. He has many chewing toys: soft and hard rubber toys, puppy plush toys, and (I'm French so I don't know
how you call it but) some kind of rolled white leather/skin thing for dogs. He chews on them all the time.   outside
he has a few chewing stuff also (we're still in the snow here LOL). I understand his need to chew, and we are firm
but I just don't understand he defiance now. When the "NO" and the scruff (not to gentle) on the neck use to work
so well. He wants what he wants, and when we try to stop him or scold him, he looks frustrated and acts out. So
now how do I react?

Ulysse also now has a collar and we pull it when he goes somewhere forbidden, and we say NO, he stops but
right away he goes back and if we pull it again, he defies us again!!! (ah those teenage years.) Perhaps he is too
young, and we still have to just watch him all the time and some time later he will naturally stop??? I mean I've had
a Rhodesian Ridgeback 25 years ago, that was a pig headed dog but we made it into a very good dog. Pig
headed, but it didn't defy us that way!!!

Ulysse is starting Kindergarten soon, and then training school. (can't wait)

Another Puppy Owner Weighs In:

Hello. I have a 12 week old Shiba Inu pup and I am having the same problem with him (he doesn't eat gravel, but
he eats EVERYTHING outside - dirt, rocks, bark, mushrooms, I even found glass in his mouth from a parking lot
yesterday which thank god I got out before he swallowed it). When he is playing he is very mouthy, and now when I
correct him it excites him! I have tried pinching his mouth shut (the way that was showed to us by the breeder),
saying "NO!", growling at him, scruffing him and putting him on his back, all of which just seem to make it worse. I
know that Shibas are dogs which you have to establish Alpha with, but I have had a malamute/shep mix and an
Akita before, both of which are the same way. This little guy definitely has a mind of his own, as it seems your
Shep does. Same thing, he's a great dog, loves everyone, listens to commands in the house, but the nippy and
then correction thing is frustrating. I try to run with him outside to get some energy out but all he wants to do is
chow down on the lawn! lol Just wanted to let you know you are not alone and will check this post for any further
advice lol. BTW, your pup is adorable :)

Dog Training Advisor Responds:

Just keep him off the grass, at this age. From what you've described, I'd wonder if he understands what you're
correcting him for?

By 16 weeks, you can start using the pinch collar.

You may also try changing his food, as many times dogs will eat the grass for the chlorophyll (sp?) because they
have an upset stomach.

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